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Celebrating 12 Years of Architectural Brilliance with Karishma Chauhan on May 2024 Cover

Architect Karishma Chauhan, with 12 years of experience and a passion-driven career, graces the cover of the May 2024 edition. From a chance encounter to becoming an architectural visionary, Chauhan’s journey is a testament to dedication and innovation in the field of architecture. Discover her inspiring story.

Rachana Bhatia Shines on the Cover of November’s Issue – Unveiling the Latest in Fashion and Jewelry Trends!

Dive into the avant-garde world of fashion and jewelry with Rachana Bhatia, our November cover star. Witness her innovative style and trendsetting ideas in the latest issue (Issue – 2). Join the celebration of creativity and elegance!

Swati Ramraj Sharma, the Infinity Girl, Graces the Cover of November’s Issue-3, Unveiling the Pinnacle of Bioengineering Excellence!

Swati Ramraj Sharma, the “Infinity Girl,” takes center stage on November’s cover, embodying bioengineering excellence. The feature highlights her groundbreaking contributions, offering a glimpse into the forefront of innovation in the field.

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