Deviant behavior: Prostitution


Prostitution is defined as “the act or practice of providing sexual services to another person in return of payment” (Clinard & Meier, 2008). Often shunned as outcasts/deviants from the society based upon religious, social, ethical and medical causes it has been prevalent in our society since time immemorial.

It is a debatable thing to say as to why prostitution exists. Unabashedly, it’s consumer demand. It does not matter of its legal or illegal, what matters is morally it is not only degrading to the ethos of humankind as a whole but has a deep lying impact in this age of ultra liberalism.

The human mind inherently understands what is good or bad, that is exactly why these words exist. Even a killer knows murdering is bad, however he enjoys it. This is exactly what perversion of thought is. Human mind being inherently neutral is attracted towards vice as it entices excitement, pleasure, money, opportunity, without any responsibilities. So why not? And especially why not in a controlled environment where you won’t be judged. Simple isn’t it? No.

It wreaks havoc. It does destroy generations and families. It spreads diseases, makes us closer to animals from whom we have evolved. From a national point of view, it’s a million dollar industry with zero input towards our GDP. There!

However, such intellectual thoughts are baseless for those who just need food and fun. Their mind has been so much degraded that this is all they all, will know forever. You cannot teach a baby calculus who doesn’t even know how to count. The society hates them and vice versa. So, the change must come but gradually from both ends, the seller and buyer which is impossible in reality but can be contained more and more with coming generations in order to break them out of this loop.

1. Placing area restrictions: Partnering with the government, the communities should come forward in controlling the practice at different levels; and involving the different levels of community in strategizing and planning long-term solutions to the problem of prostitution.

2. Forced prostitutions: The problem of human trafficking, kidnapping and sexual slavery despite being independent crimes; form a substantial aspect of the prostitution problem. As a measure to control the practice, governments and immigration agencies should be more alert and place strict policies guarding these supportive crimes.

3. Developing an intellectual plane: To segregate them into small groups and whilst giving medical and social assistance, to make them understand that their future generations can be better and live a normal life so as to detach the children from such a tender age itself.

4. Abolition: To label the prostitutes as victims and the people running the show from behind as criminals can be taken to the law so as to cut the root itself whilst giving the victims vocational and soft skill courses over time.

5. Environmental control: Areas that encourage the practice include dimly lit locations, abandoned buildings and alleys. The strategy in this case is the improvement of these places that includes improving lighting conditions, removal of abandoned buildings and introduction of active activities in questionable streets. The businesses that encourage the practice, should also be placed under strict policing and subjection to heavy penalties when found promoting the practice

6. Education: Prostitution is an indecent behavior that depicts a form of socialized male violence against women. Women who practice prostitution are sexually involved with men whom they do not know hence feign enjoyment. Sex in exchange for money degrades self-worth hence demeaning human dignity. The civil libertarian argument about prostitution is that prostitution is simply a way for women to support themselves financially. However how many of them educated individuals would support their family members for such a profession is highly doubtful. Therein lies the safe hypocrisy.

All in all, there are a million ways to tackle and control such issues. My question is to my educated readers, imagine someone close to you getting lost to the bad choices in life. What would you do, where would you stand? Will you feel empowered or be shameful? Charity begins at home.

Author – Sadmin Sadque


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