Top 50 Remarkable Women Awards 2024 (Season-2): A Celebration of Excellence in Global Leadership


The Top 50 Remarkable Women Awards 2024 (Season-2), hosted and celebrated by DIVA PLANET MAGAZINE on May 5th, 2024, showcased a cutting-edge and technologically advanced virtual event. This platform united a global audience to honor the exceptional achievements of women who have made enduring impacts within their respective domains. The ceremony effortlessly traversed geographical confines, acknowledging pioneers and trailblazers whose noteworthy contributions have shaped diverse fields.

The following individuals were recognized as winners in their respective categories:

• Ranzeena Nazeer (CEO – Victory Traders) – Iconic Analytics Manager in Professional Sports Authentication for year 2024

• Shruti Jain – Iconic Educationalist of the year 2024

• Bompada Saipriya – Most Remarkable Contemporary Artist of the Year 2024

• Tanupreet kaur – New Age Educationalist of the Year 2024

• Mrs. Shruti Abhijit Bojja – Best Inspirational Woman of the Year 2024

• Dr. Christina Lalruatdiki hangzo – Most Remarkable Woman of the Year 2024

• Kannagi kumari – Iconic Woman Electrical Engineer & Artist of the Year 2024

• Vaishali Sadhwani – Iconic Doctor & Researcher of the Year 2024

• Sharmistha Bhowmik – Best Emerging Poet of the year 2024

• Mayaa SH – Iconic Contemporary Author & Social Activist of the Year 2024

• Mrs. Kshama Rajendra Shinde – Iconic Business woman in Healthcare

• Dr. Mahira Menghani – Most Iconic Health and Fitness Coach of the Year 2024

• Dr. Vasudha Sharma – Iconic Doctor of the Year 2024

• Er. Suchita Mathur – Best Educationalist of the Year 2024

• Dr. Mamataben Soni – Best Associate professor in Physics

• Aditi Nc – Digital Dynamo of the Year Award 2024

• SMITA AGARWAL – Eminent Author of the Year 2024

• Myttre.S (Youtuber) – Best Influential Social Media person of the Year 2024

• Neelamba jhala & Laxmiba Jethwa – Best Fashion Designers of the Year 2024

• Rachana Dedhia – Best Inspirational Woman Leader of the year 2024

• Manasi Khedekar – Best Emerging Leader of the Year 2024

• Akanksha Malik – Best Emerging Home Baker of the Year 2024

• Sugandha Chadha Shashank – Best Tarot and reiki Guru of the Year 2024

• DIVYANJALI CHAUHAN – Iconic Youngest Educationalist of the Year 2024

• WICCI (National Psychological Wellbeing Council) – Outstanding Service in Community & Psychological Well being

• Bhargavi DV ( Educator ) – Best Woman Principal of the Year 2024

• Shalini Mishra (Head HR ) – Outstanding HR of the Year 2024

• Nayan Borade – Iconic Woman in Business of Security Service for Year 2024

• Isha Gangrade – Best Woman Author of the Year 2024

• Harshika Gore (Forensic Expert & World Record Holder) – Inspirational Youngest Personality of the Year 2024

• G. Gayathri – Outstanding Entrepreneur & Artist of the Year 2024

• Dr Geetanjali Chopra (Founder of Wishes and Blessings) – Prominent Social Worker & Activist of the Year 2024

• Ankita Bariya – Best Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year 2024

• Seema K Singh ( Entrepreneur – EarthIQ ) – Innovative Leader in Women Empowerment, Rural development & Sustainability

• Monika Jain – Outstanding Entrepreneur in Cake Designing of the year 2024

• Esha Gulati ( Tarot Reader ) – Prominent Personality in occult science for Year 2024

• Karthikeyani S – Youth Social Impact Entrepreneur of the Year 2024

• Dr. Aishwarya – Remarkable Dentist of the Year 2024

• V Suprriyaa – Inspiring Role Model in Education 2024

• Dr. N. Devi Naanchaari – Inspirational Educator of the year 2024

• Jigyasa gulati – Outstanding Dietician of the year 2024

• Aarti Pawar – Iconic Women in Digital Marketing & Blogging

.Reshma Ubaid – Lifetime Achievement honor as an Artist 2024

• Meenu Sengar (Co-founder of INDOZE ASSOCIATE INDIA PVT LTD. ) – Remarkable Woman Entrepreneur in Ayurveda for Year 2024

• Bhairavi Mayur Bhor – Outstanding Youngest Entrepreneur & Model of the Year 2024

• Rinkal Shah – Outstanding BRAIN THERAPIST of the Year 2024

• Sylveena Dutta – Outstanding Soft Skills Trainer of the Year 2024

• Sradhanjali Dasgupta – Consultant Psychologist, Academic Mentor, Facilitator, Corporate Trainer

• Rashmi Shah – Youngest Achiever in Psychologist’s Realm for year 2024

•  Aakanksha Kaur – Outstanding Educationalist of the Year 2024

This distinguished event stands as a testament to the remarkable accomplishments of women worldwide and underscores the importance of celebrating their invaluable contributions across various sectors.

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  1. Senthilkumar

    Good to see the raising womens , Congrats for all who succeed!!!


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